Have you considered a NCL cruise?

NCL Getaway

Pride of America refurbishment in 2016

NCL Breakaway

Have you cruised on Norwegian Cruise line? I have cruised on NCL twice. My first cruise ever was on NCL Dream in 2005! And in Dec we cruised on the Escape.
What I love about NCL is the Freestyle way of cruising. And of course the promos that they have. We had the Dining Package and the Ultimate Drink Package.  The thing to know here is that there is a service charge for these promo offers. I booked a cruise on the Star yesterday and the guest felt the service fee is a little hidden! So Imake sure to let my guests know about it right up front. The drink package can be up there, but if you do enjoy your drinks many times during your cruise, this could definitely be a great perk! The dining package has a small service fee. They are both 18% fees to cover gratuity. There is an ongoing discussion as to whether you should tip when actually receiving the service while on board. Some say it clearly says this covers the gratuity and that is that. Others feel you should tip above the service fee. We tipped a little more at the time of service.  I would say it is a personal decision.
Either way we enjoyed the perks!

The ships are beautiful, the service is good. NCL moves a lot guests around well, on Escape there can be as many as 4266 passengers on board / 1733 crew members. The Escape was built in 2015.  We never felt crowded while on the ship or getting on and off, either at ports or embark, debark.

This is my experience with NCL. They have good perks, beautiful ships, well-trained crew, great ports!

Have you sailed with NCL? If so did you enjoy your experience? If not, are you interested  in giving NCL a try?

I very much want to book The Getaway, Breakaway, or the Pride of America! These are ships I have not booked for anyone yet and I really want to find people interested in cruises on one of these ships. Of course I would love to help you in booking any of your cruises, or other vacations!  On any line!

So why should you use me as your travel agent?  Well my goodness there are so many reasons!! Where do I start?  First and foremost…. I am here to make sure you enjoy the entire experience of your vacation, from booking through returning home!  Let me worry about the logistics, and you figure out how to pack that bag!  I can’t come over and pack your bag, sorry!  I would if I could….concierge service indeed!

Also I will keep my eye out for special discounts that may come up before your cruise that you may be able to take care of. You will not have to call the cruise line and try to get it added to your cruise. You can let me know (If for some reason I don’t see it first) and I will get that promo added to your cruise if possible!

But I am on the cruise websites daily looking for new promos, and just seeing what is new in general in the cruise industry! So odds are I will see that promo and check to see if I can add it to all of my guests vacations!!

AND…I believe in good customer service!! I believe it is a dying art and I am all about reviving it!!

I like to think the service I offer will be so superb, you will come back again!

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Have a great day! And happy sailing!


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