Why Use a Travel Agent?


Before becoming a Travel Agent I booked most of my own travel for many years, but even I (with all my crazy skills) still used a Travel Agent for some of my vacations. So why would someone with experience booking her own travel use a Travel Agent? There are many reasons, here are 10.

I am sure there are more  than what I will list here, but for now, this is my list!

  1. First time vacationing at this particular destination. Whether it is a cruise or land.
  2. Booking more  than one room/cabin.
  3. Travel agents sometimes are privy to info you are not. Cruise related – a Travel Agent can keep an eye out for price drops. Maybe save you some money!
  4. Travel Agents can listen to what you want and make a recommendation for a good (destination) fit!
  5. Land or Sea, Travel Agents can give you info on excursions and or tours.
  6. Celebrations? A Travel Agent may be able to arrange a surprise or two for your special occasion.
  7. Travel Agents may thank you for your business with a small gift.  In room/cabin wine or dessert? A resort/ship board credit?
  8. Disney and Cruise related; some times it can be difficult to get certain dining reservations. A Travel Agent can help you with that!
  9. A Travel professional gives you personalized service that you will not get by booking yourself!
  10. You will always have an advocate in a Travel Agent!  They have your back!

Now considering all of these benefits and it doesn’t cost you anything to use a Travel Agent- why not call a Travel Agent today!?


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